New Inhaler Drug may Help get Erection in 10 Minutes

A study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, indicated apomorphine inhaler caused erection within 10 minutes. The researchers came across the fact while studying new treatment for another disease. 600 men were being examined to study the effects of apomorphine inhaler.

Apomorphine inhaler could be new treatment for impotency without most shortcomings of many impotence drugs in market such as viagra, cialis and levitra.

Apomorphine, like priligy, is a non-selective dopamine agonist which activates receptors. In inhaler apomorphine is in powder form. Before this fast acting treatment hits market, as erectile dysfunction remedy, it needs to go under trials to acquire FDA approval. Scientists and researchers at pharmaceutical companies are very much optimist for it to be one of the most effective and fastest treatment for impotence.

Popular erectile dysfunction drugs, such as cialis generic levitra viagra, in market takes 40 minutes or an hour to act i.e. men have to take those drugs 1 hour before sexual intercourse.

Effects of viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy or cialis or levitra vary from person to person. The drugs have been great for some men and little or of no use for others. For men with whom those drugs do not go well, only FDA approved options are inject drugs directly to penis, or a pump to increases blood supply to penis.

Labeled usage (i.e. approved by FDA) of apomorphine is in treatment of Parkinson's disease. A trial conducted by experts of Vetura Ltd found the new effect of apomorphine.

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  • Billions of spam e-mail messages advertise Viagra® every day. There is so much Viagra spam, in fact, that Pfizer (the maker of Viagra) has a page addressing the problem, called Avoid Fake Viagra, prominently listed on

  • Pfizer has spent untold millions of dollars advertising Viagra®, so you see advertisements for the drug constantly on TV.

  • Pfizer claims on its Web site that nine Viagra® pills are dispensed every second -- nearly 300 million tablets per year"[1].

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